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We Care About your Health
Our products give you the energy and hydration that you
need to perform up to your potential.
Our Products are Affordable
No need to spend alot of money on water.  Our water is
affordable.  Just give us a call and we will surprise you
with our prices.
We Deliver
If you cannot pick up the water at any of our locations, we
will deliver it to you.
Wholesale Alkaline Water
San Antonio

1150 North Loop 1604 W #108
San Antonio, TX 78248

Wholesale Division Contact:

Mr. Guy Rubio
(210) 264-3639


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We are dedicated to bringing you the best water on the

Our alkaline antioxidant water is created through a
natural process, not through electricity.

Our goal is to provide the healthiest water at a low price
that every family can afford!

Drink to your health!
Our Promise to You
Alkaline Water Locations
We have many Alkaline Water locations in various states to serve you!
Visit our
Location Map where all the Alkaline Water Locations can be viewed on the map.  
Each one of the locations listed  provide the amazing Alkaline Water that is very
beneficial to your body. We care about your health!  Our products give you the energy and
hydration that you need to perform up to your potential.

We have provided for you locations in the San Antonio area, Houston area, Corpus
Christi area, Devine area and many more to come.  Click on any of the locations listed on
the map to get more information about the Alkaline Water service.  Each location on the
map can be zoomed in to get more detailed information about the business.

Whenever you are in Devine, Corpus Christi, Houston or San Antonio, come by and visit
one of our locations to purchase a bottle of Alkaline Water or a gallon of Alkaline Water.  
This is the "Water of the Future!".   Water that tastes so good.  Once you try it, you will
never want to drink any other type of water.

We are here to serve you.  Visit us at any of our listed locations on the
Alkaline Water
Locations map.
Licensing Opportunities
México, Central and South America
Business Development
contact Mr.Guy Rubio,
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Wholesale Alkaline Antioxidant Water
Super Hydrating Water!
World Leader in Alkaline Drinking Water! Now Available bottles 16.9 oz. & Gallons size,with a pH Alkalinity from 7.5 - 9.5 to 10.5!
Buy direct & call today for a Free sample. We ship all over the World ! We have the best prices! Ask for Mr. Guy at (210) 264-3639